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My Name is Chenelle and I’m here to take you on a journey through a country called Iran. To expose its true brilliance and it’s inspiring people.

I would like to provide all of you with the knowledge of a country, that for many years; has been claimed as a unsafe and war stricken place, but to now know the real truth of it’s astonishing beauty, it’s warmth and welcoming people and it’s many qualities.

I’m a Canadian women, born and raised in the beautiful West Coast of Canada. I’ve had the luxury of seeing many countries of the world but Iran has a special place in my heart. A few years ago my soul-mate, and now husband whom is Iranian decided to start my series of steps for me to meet his family and move to Iran.

What an adventure it has been. We definitely have had our obstacles but our love kept us strong and empowered us to keep going. Through all of this I now live and conduct my life in this beautiful country and I’m on a mission to share with all of you of how truly, wonderful this country really is.

It has irritated me for so long as to what people are informed of about this place and I would like to help change that.

I’m hoping with all my adventures and exposure I can share with all of you, it will help to change your view and encourage you to consider coming to see what the world is missing. To see where it all began, our history and most of all the warmth Iran can bring all of you.

( Each week, I will be posting new stuff and/or adding to old posts. Hope you enjoy all my experiences!! )

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  1. HI Sweety,
    Your site looks awesome…great work! love mom…xxxooo

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