Gojeh Sabz- (green plums)

Gojeh Sabz, also known in English as Persian “green plums”. During the late spring everything has been blooming and the trees and flowers are so lush and colorful and then comes along these bright green, mouthwatering, little bite size addicting fruits called gojeh sabz.

Native to Iran, these little balls of deliciousness have so many wonderful nostalgic memories to Persians, they bring a smile to everyone’s face! They say “the sour taste of the plums really brings back all the memories of indulgence in our favorite pastime at home”. Easy to find this time of year (May/Ordibhesht) you grab a bag, wash, take a small bite and then add salt. They leave you with a tangy, sour taste with a crunchy, crisp texture.

It is said that gojeh sabz grows mainly in the mountain areas of Iran. Karaj, in the western part of Tehran is also considered as one of the main growing and producing areas. These self fertile round green plums, are often picked before they are fully ripe and eaten fresh or cooked by itself.