Pistachio,  English word; derived from the Persian word “pisteh“.

Pistachio’s originally came from the Middle East, where dry lands and desert is available. Pistachio trees have been cultivated for more than three thousand years. Some deserts located in the south of Iran such as the Kerman Province, exceed two thousand hectres!

Pistachio’s occupy a special place in the heart of every Iranian and can be found in every household. They use them in a lot of the cuisine. On special dishes or on sweets, they top their dishes with Pistachio’s. During Nowruz, Iranian New year; they serve pistachio’s for their guests. Pistachio’s are apart of many celebrations and occasions.

They are so delicious and fresh, you peel them right out of their soft shell or have them roasted. I had never in my life experienced a fresh pistachio’s and oh my, were they good!