Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar- located in the northern parts of Tehran, Iran. It is one of the oldest areas of Tehran, Shemiran district and is known for its low-level of air pollution due to the northern mountains which makes it a favorable area for most.

Tajrish Bazaar was built according to architectural styles of other traditional bazaars in Tehran. Some of the arches have been destroyed in construction of near-by, multi-story buildings and some of the traditional identity has been transformed by growing urbanization but for the most part the bazaar has been maintained of it’s original architecture. Above each store they have their store name scripted in mosaic tiles. The bazaar is covered and has many passage ways leading to different sections where you can purchase goods. You can find everything from spices, dairy, clothes, fabrics, nuts & dried fruits, traditional cookware, fruits & veggies and so much more. The fruit & vegetable market is one of the most popular attractions of the bazaar, as you can find local and foreign produce.

The stunning historical shrine of Emamzadeh is located adjacent to the bazaar, with access from inside. Emamzadeh Saleh contains the tomb of Saleh, a son of Imam Musa Kazem (AS).  At the entrance to the shrine, people hand out sweets and dates.

Tajrish Bazaar is easy to get to and from as it is a busy square with access of taxi’s, buses and the metro. Plenty of other little shops and cafe’s near to the bazaar as well. I find myself there quite often either meeting friends or just getting one of the many things you can find at this impressive bazaar, the Tajrish Bazaar!