Zereshk- Barberries

These red-jewel like berries, zereshk; are known for their tartness, just like a cranberry. They are high in vitamin C and in traditional medicine are classed as a cold, dry substance and thought to possess properties that help diarrhea and strengthen liver, stomach and heart.

Growing wild in the Alborz mountains and other parts of Iran, they are widely cultivated, making Iran the largest producer in the world.

Zereshk is a important ingredient in Iranian cooking as their alluring, ruby appearance, accentuate many dishes. Their sharp flavor make a wonderful match for chicken or lamb, in stuffings or salads or even as a sauce. It is said that zereshk is incorporated in certain wedding dishes as a symbol, the sourness of the berries represent the occasional sourness of life.

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  1. So pretty! I love barberries, they taste delicious. Great blog, I’m learning so much about Iran.


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