Shomal – The “North” of Iran

Shomal, the “north” of Iran, southern Caspian Sea regions. They are covered with dense forrests, snow-covered mountains and impressive seashores.

Some of my pics are along the beautiful drive, which takes you through the Alborz mountains and to the cities of Nowshahr, Chalus and Salmonshahr. Shomal is a place to go and relax.

Sit near the sea and have tea with ghelyoon (shisha) visit the mountains for a good hike, spend time with family at your villa, enjoying kebabs and the many traditional foods of the north. Shomal is known for it’s olives, cookies, torshi ( sour food) and it’s fresh fish. Almost every holiday people from near and far travel to Shomal as a get-away. This also means heavy traffic so it’s best to enjoy, in my opinion; on days that aren’t holidays. The air feels fresh, humid and for the most part, the scenery is beautiful. The only thing I would say that it needs is more trash cans accessible for people so they don’t litter so much on the beaches. There are some beaches that haven’t been taken very good care of, which is kind of sad. But overall, Shomal is place you must experience while in Iran as you will feel refreshed and leave relaxed.